Curriculum Vitae

news Education

   - Tartu University, Estonia, student in physical chemistry
  - National Cancer Research Centre of USSR Acad. Med. Sci., Moscow,
    graduate student in photochemistry and chemical carcinogenesis with Academician
    L.M. Shabad
  - 1974 - degree of Cand. of Sci. in photochemistry (Ph.D. as US equivalent)
  - 1990 - degree of Doctor of Sci. in biophysics, St.-Petersburg, Russia

web c Professional experience

Institute of Chemistry of Estonian Acad. Sci., Tallinn, Estonia, research
    fellow in photochemistry and photobiology

  - Institute of Physics of Estonian Acad. Sci., Tartu, Estonia,
    research fellow in photophysics and laser biology

  - 1980-currently - Laser Technology Research Centre of Russian Acad. Sci.
    (from 1.01.2000 - Institute on Laser and Informatic Technologies of Russian
     Acad. Sci.), Head of Laboratory of Laser Biology and Medicine


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