"Concluding remarks. My 25 years in the
field of laser phototherapy"
(selected photos from the new book)


Photo 1. H. Lim (Singapore), T. Karu,
              S. Passarella (Italy) in London 
              Nov. 13, 1988 at Guy’s Hospital.


Photo 2. With M. Dixon and J. Dixon in
              Salt Lake City (Utah, USA) in



Photo 3. With C. Puliafito after one of my seminars in Harvard Medical School (USA)
               in 1990



Photo 5. M. Dyson (U.K.), S. Rochkind (Israel), L. Schindl (Austria) and
              R. Rochkind (Israel) in London during 2nd Congress of International
              Laser Therapy Association, 1992


Photo 6. G. Calderhead (Japan) and M. Trelles (Spain) in 2nd Congress of International Laser Therapy
              Association (London, UK, 1992)


Photo 7. L. Bologniani (Italy), G. Jori (Italy), S. Rochkind (Israel), T. Karu
              (Russia), G. Galletti (Italy), L. Schindl (Austria), M. Trelles (Spain),
              A. Schindl (Austria), I. Kaplan (Israel), G. Calderhead (Japan),
              T. Ohshiro (Japan) and K. Moore (U.K.) in Vienna, Oct. 7, 1994
              in Austrian Laser Therapy Society Meeting.


Photo 8. L. Schindl (Austria) and G. Galletti (Italy) in Vienna 1994.


Photo 10. R. Steiner (Germany), B. Chance (USA), A. Katzir (Israel), T. Karu in                 Vienna in BIOS Europe ’96.


Photo 11. V.Krivikhin (Russia), E. Kovac (Romania), T. Karu, G. Bottiroli (Italy),
                R. Lubart (Israel) in San Remo (Italy) Sept. 8, 1997 after the session
                “Low-power laser effects III”.


Photo 13. Governing board of International Union of Photobiology
                (IUPB). K. Satoh (Japan), T. Karu (Russia), H. Hönigsmann
                (Austria), Pill-Soon Song (USA), T.M.A.R. Dubbelmann (The
                Netherlands) in Granada (Spain) in 8th ESP meeting (Granada,
                Spain, Sept. 1999).


Photo 14. The founder of American Society of Photobiology (ASP, 1973) and a
                supporter of photobiological studies of visible-to-near IR light K.
                Smith (USA) in 26th Annual Meeting of American Society for
                Photobiology (July 11-15, 1998, Snowbird, Utah, USA)


Photo 15. Discussion on perspectives and mechanisms of laser phototherapy in the
                dinner-meeting organized by DARPA in 15th Annual Meeting of IEEE
                Laser and Electro-Optic Society in Glasgow (Scotland) Nov. 11, 2002.
                M. Dyson (U.K., second from the left), R. Waynant (USA) and T.Karu
                (Russia) in the center.


Photo 16. V.I. Kozlov (Editor-in-Chief of the journal Laser Medicine), T. Karu,
                V.M. Lisienko (Head of a clinic in Ekaterinburg), S.V. Moskvin
                (Head of the Research and Production Laser Center Technika, Moscow).


Photo 19. With V.S. Letokhov in front of the lecture hall in Erice (Italy) on Nov. 15, 1995.


Photo 20. International Workshop on Laser Medicine ILIB, Nov. 6, 1999,
                in Guangzhou, China


Photo 21. During a session of laser medicine in International Conference on Lasers
                and Their Applications, Aug. 23-26, 1993, Tehran, Iran.


Photo 22. X Congress Latino-America de Laser en Medicina y Cirurgia,
                Nov. 27-29, 2000, Mexico City. Sun therapy on the top of Pyramido
               de Sol enjoyed by T. Karu, L. Almeida-Lopez (Brazil), I. Capela (Spain),
               N. Nickopoulos (Greece), J. Rigau (Spain) and F. Soriano (Argentina).


Photo 24. Before my lecture in the Center of Advanced Technology (Indore, India),
                Dec. 10, 1996. Director of the Centre D.P. Bhawalkar in the left and Head
                of Biomedical Application Section P. Gupta, in the right

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