Selected papers on various problems

on action of UV, visible, and near IR laser radiation upon cells

A.    Ultrashort UV, visible and near IR laser pulses: different responses of proliferating and resting cells, changes in cell membrane permeability

B. Monochromatic visible and near IR radiation: fundamentals of low-power laser therapy
            1. Quantitative laws of light action on cells of various complexity (prokaryotic, 
                        primitive and complex eukaryotic cells)
            2. Molecular mechanisms
            3. Specific action of pulsed visible and near IR laser radiation
C. Action of visible-to-near IR (laser) light on various cells and cellular systems
               1. HeLa cells and Chinese hamster  fibroblasts
   2. Microorganisms
   3. Human peripheral lymphocytes
   4. Blood and spleen cells
   5. Excitable cells (nerves, cardiomyocytes)

D. Radiomodifying effects of UV and visible laser light

E. Clinical aspects of low power laser therapy

F. Laser angioplasty and related work

G. Photodynamic therapy (with emphasis on two-photon excitation of porphyrins)

H. Diagnostic use of low power laser radiation

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